Clases de inglés Woman_ism
Audre Lorde Woman_ism
Woman_ism clases
Woman_ism clases inglés
Chimananda Ngozi Adichie
Patti Smith
Sobonfu Somé
Clases de inglés Woman_ism
A creative Journey to English through women's voices.
Audre Lorde Woman_ism
Audre Lorde


Woman_ism clases
Ursula K. Le Guin

women & exile

Woman_ism clases inglés
Bell hooks


Chimananda Ngozi Adichie
Chimananda Ngozi Adichie


Patti Smith
Patty Smith


Sobonfu Somé
Sobonfu Some


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«An untouched drum cannot speak»

(African proverb)

Woman_ism is for you if you are studying or want to revisit, practice, and improve your English, and if you have a level between B1 and C2.

It is a workshop about words and their transformative power, claiming a new poetic expressive territory in language learning.

Woman_ism creates a linguistic map sustained by the power of six fiercely talented women, and participates in the transmission of their voices and thoughts in an English workshop, transforming the English class into a shared linguistic, cultural, and personal experience.

It is a unique opportunity to access a program that explores English through texts that speak about our bodies, affective relationships, the sense of identity and belonging, cycles, our narratives about love, pleasure, friendship, community, connections, and the importance of art.

It is a practical approach to vocabulary, to our expressive skills, and the sound of women who embodied their talent through their voice.

Baobab Language opens up to the richness of thought and tone of a variety of feminisms from diverse origins, bringing to the center the voices born in places different from what we call «home.»

Woman_ism es para ti si estudias o quieres retomar, practicar, mover tu inglés y si tienes un nivel entre B1 y C2.

Es un taller en inglés sobre las palabras y su poder transformador que reclama un nuevo territorio expresivo y poético en el aprendizaje de lenguas.
Woman_ism crea un mapa lingüístico que se sustenta en la fuerza expresiva de seis mujeres de un talento excepcional, participa en la transmisión de sus voces y de su pensamiento y que transforma la clase de inglés en una experiencia lingüística, cultural y personal compartida.

Es una oportunidad única de acceder a un programa que explora el inglés mediante escritos sobre nuestros cuerpos, las relaciones afectivas, el sentido de la identidad y de la pertenencia, los ciclos, nuestras narrativas sobre el amor, el placer, la amistad, la comunidad, los vínculos y la importancia del arte.

Es una aproximación práctica al léxico, la gramática y la escucha del lenguaje, que aprendemos del trabajo de mujeres que dieron cuerpo a su talento a través de su voz.

Baobab Language se nutre y se abre a la riqueza expresiva de una variedad de feminismos de orígenes diversos y que trae al centro las voces que nacieron en un lugar distinto a lo que llamamos “casa”.

Addressed to

To anyone studying or willing to go back to studying English who can understand this text and who is interested in opening their learning and attention to the expressive and ideological will-power of women.  

Artists, journalists, dancers, movers, therapists, readers, writers, body researchers, critical thinkers, philosophers, psychologists, teachers, creative beings, and anyone interested in art, women, gender and race narratives.  

People looking for implication, expression and creative work in the English classroom.  

People preparing their C1 / C2 exams interested in deepening and widening their writing and speaking skills.  


· Creation of lexical word families.  

· Creation of semantical word families.  

· Word exploration.  

· Text mapping and visualization.  

· Articulation, voicing, sound, transmission.  

· Your voice. The artist voice. Ressonances  

· Art  

· Writing  

· Body